What makes a best friend?

By Jo Ann Wentzel


With an age where we ‘befriend’ people we do not know and have never met on Facebook and anxiously ‘follow’ people on Twitter, we lose sight of what it is to have a best friend. You may have a wonderful relationship with someone online but, the friend status is hard to maintain until you meet them. A virtual friend may at some point even become a best friend when you meet, but until then they are just a fun acquaintance online.

A best friend is one that in your estimation stands above all the rest. It is a person you have such a strong connection with that it is almost impossible not to consider them family. They have an honored position in your circle of other friends and acquaintances. They are your closest ties outside your family and blood relatives. Sometimes their important to you surpasses family members.

When you call someone your best friends, you are saying this person is more important than any other friend and will know you almost better than you know yourself. They will have a wealth of knowledge about you and may even know more than family since often you can share things with a real friend you won’t share with family. A best friend will also put you above others in their circle and treat you like their family.

But having a special friend means that the person you designate as best is a friend who will want the best for you. That person will try to lift you up and encourage your every mission. They will celebrate the goals you meet and cry with you when the effort was just not good enough. They will be saddened by anything that makes you unhappy and glad for you when things work out well. They will never belittle or demean you or your friendship. They will never be jealous of you even when your success far outweighs theirs. A good friend can listen without judging but, also be able to level with you even if it is painful.

A best friend will want to help you whenever necessary. They will automatically volunteer for any help you need. You will know in advance that they will assist you in any goal, task or event you have planned. They will be loyal and steady and always there so you can count on them above anyone else except maybe family.

They say that home is a place where you can be yourself, well; it is the same as being with a best friend. You need not pretend to be someone else. You never need ‘put on airs.’ You can be you with all your faults and warts and they will be happy to be with you even then. They will be thankful you are still their friend and will be honored to have the role of best friend.

If this does not sound like your Best Friend, you may want to start checking around for another one. Because all you have is a false friend. A critical friend or one that beings you down will never have your best interests at heart. That kind of friend will not deserve to be called best friend.

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