How about an Aviator Party for a theme?

By Jo Ann Wentzel




This theme takes to the skies. Gather up your little “Flying Aces and Acettes” and give them a taste of what it is like to be a pilot.


Invitations should be plane-shaped and include a flight number, a time for arrival and departure, the destination will be your address, pilot –the host or hostess. Include a request to dress in costume or bring goggles. You might want to supply the goggles or a white-fringed scarf like the Red Baron’s. whenever you can provide costume stuff it encourages kids to come without involving any cost for them.


Decorations are simple. Transform the main room into blue skies with billowy clouds and hang planes from the ceiling. You can make planes from cardboard; buy cutouts, or use blow up or plastic models. Clouds from lightweight cardboard can be covered with cotton batting, fluffed up to look just right. You can attach them in whatever way seems reasonable such as hanging from string placing planes above or below them.


Add a game to your flight plan. Put a large world map on the wall for decor. Play a game where every guest is a plane and must get his cargo to a certain place first. Use a spinner for the moves (it is easy to make one) and a brown wrapped package for the cargo. Use cardboard to make spaces to move on the floor as on a game board. If you can draw, make country shaped pieces. Arrange map shaped cardboard pieces to represent countries on the floor in a circle or some other pattern. Place two or three blank pieces between the map pieces. Spaces for countries or other problem moves must be fair size so it can accommodate several pins or flags. The spinner you make must contain a number of spaces and some spaces indicating trouble and lost moves. The problems could be storms, forced landing or hijacking to another country at the opposite end of their destination. You can use stickpins or tiny flags to chart each person’s position after each move. Use a separate color for each ‘plane’, moving their flag after their turn. Whoever reaches their destination first wins. Make up appropriate rules for your age group, keeping things simpler for the smallest children.


To make the spinner, just cut out a large circle from heavy cardboard, draw your spaces for moves, and attach a cardboard pointer with a fastener such as the one on an envelope. These are available at office supply stores.

Prizes can be small die cast planes, models for older kids, coloring books, puzzles or stickers with planes, or story books about flying.


Reading stories about the Wright Brothers or famous flights or pilots may be appropriate depending on the age level. Want to add a real fun element to your party, haul your guests to a local airport for a tour. Sometimes they can even walk through a plane.


Plain party food could be used, but decorate cakes, or cupcakes according to your theme. Some desserts or salads could be fluffy as clouds. A dessert called pudding in a cloud consists of pudding in a bed of Cool Whip. Hearty foods like burgers with the trimmings or sweet, mild chili for older ones might be just what they need before their flight. And of course Pizza, like the Red Baron recommends. Cookie cutters are available in almost every shape imaginable if you look. Use them to cut out bread for sandwiches, cranberry sauce, Jell-O, or cookies. Be imaginative to your approach of all food for theme parties.


This party is fairly simple and easily prepared. So take time to enjoy your flight along with the other passengers. If guests come in costume the photographic element of a party always increases. Pictures by a real plane or by a homemade backdrop would be so much fun. When you need something big for props or back drop, you can make your own by painting a large appliance box. An old, white sheet could also be painted with blue sky and fluffy white clouds for a backdrop and could be placed on the wall of the main party area. Any prop you provide will add to the fun.


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