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We are Dan and Jo Ann Wentzel and have been retired for a couple years after working† for decades with challenging children and dysfunctional families. We decided we wanted to do something more. In these positions, the Wentzels were aware of how widespread child sexual abuse has become. As Christians, they prayed about it and recently found their answer.

They feel their proposed mission is God inspired and will follow his command, but need money to replace or fix motorhome and other expenses. This is the reason for the Go Fund Me Campaign listed here. Their mission is to drive to places to speak or train as parenting and foster parenting experts. Some organizations have tiny budgets and can more easily afford speakers or trainers who do not need to fly or live in fancy hotels. They hope to earn money for these opportunities as well as sell books to help the mission become self-sustaining. This author, Jo Ann, has written four books on related topics. The past two novels introduce the fact that sexual abuse of children is very widespread not only in this country but also probably among your own neighbors.

If you want to see how pervasive this issue is, check your Neighborhood Watch map of registered sexual offenders. This list includes a variety of sexual offences though many are with children.

Here is the link

If you love children and wish to help stamp out child sexual abuse we ask that you please support our mission. We need donations, prayers, sharing our posts among social media networks and finding opportunities to talk about this vital issue. We believe God is leading us to do this work and to start a Go Fund Me Campaign. We will appreciate any help you can give us.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††





†††† Jo Ann Wentzel fights for children everywhere,

†††††††††† Because children are a gift from GOD!



Shhh!† Canít you see Iím writing?

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